Monday, December 3, 2012

12DOC Challenge: Day 3

Hello lovelies!

Today is day 3 of the Christmas challenge.

Christmas movie...I struggled with this one for so long and I nearly just gave up and thought I was going to skip it.

Then Elf came on TV and I saw his hilarious green and yellow outfit he wears and I had my inspiration!

So incredibly simple, but I am just happy I was able to do this one. I used Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow and Ulta Limelight.

Here are the other bloggers also doing the challenge.


  1. Love the mani!!! I get it because i freakin love that movie but even if someone doesn't get it, it still looks dope!!!

  2. This is so simple, but I totally love it!

  3. Elf is my favorite Christmas movie. I've been planning on doing a mani inspired by it.
    Great job!


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