Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm Day Trippin'!

Hello, Dolls!

Today I am wearing 3 Indie polishes At. The. Same. Time! Hooray! I have Pretty & Polished Day Trippin' as my base and Daring Digits Salt Water Taffy and Punch Me Purple as glitter toppers.

I will warn you this post is a bit picture heavy.  

This is what Day Trippin' looked like when I stepped outside into the brisk air. Kind of a cool gradient from pink to purple.

Salt Water Taffy is a pretty pink glitter top coat and Punch Me Purple is the lovely purple and white. Husband says PMP is his favorite in my stash so far.

So here is after I stood outside for a minute, fiddling with my camera. The cold air caused the whole nail to turn a beautiful deep purple. I like that the contrast that Salt Water Taffy gives on the 3 nails. 

Then I dipped my nails in hot water...

 And it turned this adorable fuschia pink!

Now you can really see Punch Me Purple on my ring finger.

Then I let it sit in the air and cool back down...

I did this 3 or 4 times and then I decided to have some fun with it and dipped just the tips of my nails into the hot water.

Honestly, this polish was so much fun! And covered in only 3 coats. It has been changing colors on me all day as I walk into school and back outside. And the rooms at my school are super cold, so it kept going from pink to purple.

You can buy Pretty & Polished on her Etsy site.
You can also get Daring Digits on her Etsy site, though at the time of posting, she is on vacation and the shop is closed.


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