Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shimmer Polish; Custom: Kari-Berry

Hi ladies!

I want to thank you guys for being so patient with me. I am so overwhelmed this semester in school. I am only 2 weeks in and I already know this is going to be the hardest, most stressful semester yet.

Well today, the plan was to rent a pontoon with my family and go out on the lake where we would mix together my grandparents' ashes and spread them on the lake. This is something they always said they wanted us to do. But this morning I got a call from my dad saying that my aunt is sick and everyone else thinks it is too cold (it is 53 degrees nowhere near the water, so it's probably close to 45 on the lake. brrr...) so the day is off. We will do it next summer.

This story leads to my polish story though. Last night I pulled out my custom Shimmer polish that I ordered from her to use specifically for today. It is a mix of pinks, purples, a few teals and golds and scattered blacks. I named it Kari-Berry which is what my Grandpa called me when I was little and after he passed away, I never let anyone else call me that. I thought it was the perfect polish to wear today.

I wish it wasn't so gloomy today and you could really the sparkle in this polish. Putting it on last night, it was so darn sparkly I couldn't even tell if I was putting it on evenly lol.

This is one coat of Kari-Berry over one coat of HITS Hestia, a light purple holo that you can't even see anymore because the glitter is so thick (I am saying that in a good way). 

You can order Shimmer Polish through her Facebook page or her Blog.


  1. Aw :'(. What a sweet, touching story behind your polish name! Great swatch!


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