Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rainbow Polish: Pheasant

Hello my dears!

2 posts in one day??? Whaaaa??? I know, right?!

I am wearing Rainbow Polish's new polish Pheasant and I am completely in love with it! "This polish was made to capture the colors of the beautiful pheasant. Coppers, golds, teal like their next bands and a touch of red like around their eyes" is the way Tonya describes her newest creation.

 She captured the colors of the beautiful bird perfectly!

I layered it over Orly Buried Alive, a beautiful shimmery brown with undertones of gold shimmer, and it looks like fall. Yes, that's right, I said "it looks like fall"!!

This is only one coat!

I used only one coat of the glitter bomb and it went on perfectly! I had to place a few of the larger reds, but even that was super easy. They came out of the bottle super nicely, it was just a matter of getting them on the nail. No biggie :)

Her polishes are for sale on her Etsy site and they are just beautiful.


  1. LOVE this!!!! I tagged you for a Liebster Blog Award :D

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