Friday, October 19, 2012

This is Halloween Challenge: Bats

Hey there ladies.

So today was a hard day for me. I just want to share something with you first before we get to the polish. I hope that is ok.

Today we had to put down my parent's cat, Kitty. She was around 17 years old and quite robust. She had a hard time getting around and was very tired. She would frequently lay in the same place for hours on end without moving.

She was also, a wonderful kitty. When we first got her she was about a year and a half and very skinny. She was also very timid and and crabby. But through the years, she grew, not only in size but also in personality and love. She became the cat that was always hanging out with the family and wanting to be pet and loved. She was so sweet and I will miss her so much.

Ok...Well, now that that is out of the way...let's move on, shall we?

So today was Bats day on the This Is Halloween challenge. I had a really tough time with this. I couldn't figure out what to do. I knew if I tried to free-hand a bat, I would just muck it up. So I decide to check my local craft and Party supply stores. First stop was Party City, I thought I could find some table confetti and just glue it to the nail (you know the confetti that comes in various shapes that you sprinkle all over the table when you have a party?) I realized these were way to big to fit on the nail (grrr...) and headed to Joann Fabrics to see what else I could come up with.

I found a tube of black glitter and thought that if i could freehand the shape of a bat in clear polish I could sprinkle glitter on it and make it sparkly. But when I got home, I just couldn't make it work. I then realized I had stamps! What?! I had my Bundle Monster stamping plate in 213 and 224. So this is waht I came up with.

It's hard to see, but I kind of think it looks like a bat flying against the dusk sky.

I used Nicole by OPI Listen To Your Momager and gradiented to OPI Russian Navy. Then I mixed some Sinful Colors Snow Me White with Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow to get the right shade for the moon and used my small brush to paint it on. Then I used China Glaze Liquid Leather to stamp on the bats and the house.


  1. You did a great job. The bats look good! I'm going to have to give stamping a try.

  2. Looks amazing and spooky! I'm so sorry about Kitty :( I know I'll go to pieces when I lose my Cuddles. But Kitty's sooo cute! Looks like this stray that's been hanging around my mom's work recently.


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