Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: Day 1

Hello ladies!! So it is almost December, but not quite. It definately seems like it here in Minnesota though. I think it was 19 degrees yesterday. Brrrr.....

I am starting a new challenge for December which I am really excited about. I like doing month long challenges because it keeps me on track for doing my nails and posting on the blog. But it also takes the guesswork out of what I should do on my nails (mostly).

This challenge was created by Nicole over at Dipped in Lacquer and started today.

So today, being day 1, is only red and green, I instantly thought Gradient!

I used Zoya Logan and Butter London Chancer to create this sparkly look.

I just love it! I think it is my favorite gradient I have ever done. I don't know how I will bring myself to take it off for Friday. Lol.

You can see the rest of the bloggers designs here:


  1. Those turned out super pretty!! I wanna get in on the action

  2. One gift that stands out in my mind at the moment would have to be my hot pink limo with hot tub in the back that I got for my barbies when I was like 7(30 now) LOL I cant really recall any thing except jewelry from my hubby lol

  3. ummmmm that wasnt supposed to go there lol


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