Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rainbow Polish Scarab Beetle

Hello Dears! I am back with another post tonight. After this I am back on track and I can (hopefully) stay there :)

I have for you tonight the gorgeous Scarab Beetle from Rainbow Polish. Tonya makes some incredibly beautiful polishes that you can get on Etsy. You can see my swatches of  Pheasant here.

I layered this over two coats of POP Mint Condition. I was incredibly unimpressed with the POP polish. It went on all streaky and wierd. I tried thin coats and thick coats and could not find a good way to put it on. I am really happy I had this beautiful polish to cover the flaws.

Tonya describes her polish as "This polish contains blue and teal fine glitters, hex and square glitters of various colors all in a suspension base". I normally am not a fan of glitter toppers and usually go for those all-in-one polishes (colored base with the glitters mixed in), but I am in love with almost every single one of her polishes on her site.Scarab went on very well and with some minimal glitter placement I was able to achieve the perfect consistency of glitter to base.

Be sure to check out Tonya on Facebook and Etsy. Plus $1 from every polish purchased now through Dec 31st will be donated to a charity.


  1. Was this your giveaway win??? It is sooo pretty on you!

  2. gosh, i love this one! i'm always sold on blue glitters :)


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