Friday, August 3, 2012

Pretty & Polished (AKA Greatest Nail Mail EVER)

So I got the most amazing nail mail today! My very first Indie purchase arrived and I nearly shreiked with excitement out at my mailbox.

I ordered from Pretty & Polished, a great Indie polish maker. I have never tried any of her polishes but I have been drooling over swatches for months and they are GORGEOUS!!
I ordered Candy Coated- "a sheer pastel pink polish with a mix of light pink prism medium hex glitter, purple prism medium hex glitter, small purple glitter and even smaller purple prism glitter. It definitely looks like a sweet candy coating. (I took the description right from the Etsy site.)"
Jawbreaker- white creme, that is loaded with multicolored micro glitters, and multicolor hex, square, and bar glitters.
And Valentino- "Tons of different sized black and white glitter (from large to tiny) in a clear base. (I took this description right from the Etsy site)"

I already had my manicure done perfectly, ready for a post when my order arrived. I used Sally Hansen Cherry, Cherry, Bang, Bang! that I won in the giveaway held by Mega Nailattude. It is a beautiful purple-pink that went on so perfectly in 2 coats.

I added Wet n' Wild Sparked on the ring finger.

So when I recieved my P&P's I had to use them right away!! But I didn't want to remove my current mani just yet.
I added one layer of Valentino and I am in love!!!

The glitters came out so easily and went on so well. I hardly had to do any "placing".
I have so many great ideas for this polish, you will definately see me wearing it often!

I was only able to get one giant hex, and it ended up on my right-hand thumb.

P.s. all these photos are without a final topcoat (I was so excited to photograph I just couldn't wait any longer).

What was your first Indie polish? What is everything you expected it to be?


  1. I love that polish!!! I have some glitters and indie polishes on order! Follow our blog and when I review them you can check them out!!

  2. Hi! I Just wanted to stop by and say I enjoy your blog!!! I've tagged you for a Leibster Award, details on my blog page :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Gini @ sassypaints2012 =)


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