Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My New Storage System

Hello, Dears!

So some of you amazing nail lovers have shared the different ways you choose to store your polish. If you don't know how I store my polish, you can see it here though I have acquired a few more since then. Well, someone shared this link with me and I thought 'That's Exactly what I've been looking for!' So I headed to my local Micheals and picked up my Recollection 3-drawer Cube Storage System and brought it home, hugging it lovingly to my chest as I walked to the door.
Photo courtesy of Google Images

I brought it in and opened it up and....

There is some assembly required
But I set out to build my new polish home.

Miss Maddie helped!
So pretty on my new perch

Top Drawer: Purples, silvers, blacks, greys, and my Valentino and Glow-in-the-dark

Second Drawer: Blues, whites, golds, browns, greens

Third drawer: Pinks, reds, nudes, yellows, oranges
Hmm...My collection looks so much smaller now that they are not all thrown into a bucket.

It looks so much cleaner and neater and I'm very happy with it :) I will still use my bin for all of my supplies (polish remover, cotton pads, striping tape, rhinestones, etc.) Hooray!  I hope Husband will be happy with it.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions :D


  1. hahahah shut up! i have a picture of my cat doing the same thing when i was putting mine together too!

    1. Super adorable! Just love those silleh kittehs!

  2. I love this idea. I may have to invest.

    1. I forgot to mention in the post that it was priced at $34.99, but was on sale for 40% off so I only paid $20.99. And they always have coupons out, or they also take competitors coupons (joanns, etc)

  3. Hahah my cat and my son both tested on the inside when I first built mine :P
    Also, I nominated you for a versatile blogger


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