Friday, June 15, 2012

On to the Fun Stuff! (This One is Just a Bit Long)

Sorry this one is going to be a little long, but it is only because we are getting up to date. Since I am new to this, I thought I would just put up some designs I have already done. Next time, it will be just a regular post (promise). Please forgive the picture quality and also the cuticle quality. I didn't expect to ever be putting these on the World Wide Web (except for Facebook, of course). Also, I apologize that I do not know which polishes I used for some of them anymore. However, the ones I do know, when I say the base color I mean the main color or the color I put down first. I used Ulta Salon Formula Base Coat under all my manis to keep my nails from turning yellow. And then I used OPI Top Coat or Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat. (SV is great if I need them to dry super fast, but it's a little pricey so I try not to use it every time. That's when I use OPI).

 First I wanted to start with a photo of my collection. I just counted them and came up with 146 (including base coats and top coats). No, I don't have a super organized filing cabinet system. I just keep them all in a big storage bin and dig through it every time I do my nails. I have tried keeping them organized within the bin, but they just keep ending up like this. Now onto the polishes. I will start with my older designs to my most recent.

This was my very first design I ever did with my dotting tool.I think the base is Ulta Salon formula- TUTU CUTE and the dots are Ulta Salon Formula- FLAMINGO and Orly- WHITE TIPS (part of their French Tips line).

 I'm pretty sure the base of this is China Glaze- FLYIN' HIGH. Not sure what the dots are.

I did these for a MN Wild hockey game that Tim and I went to. I searched all day for a green that matched the Wild and finally settled on Ulta Salon Formula- ENVY.

This was Nicole by OPI- KOURT IS RED-Y FOR A PEDI, and Orly- WHITE TIPS

This pretty sparkle was Essie Luxe Effects- A CUT ABOVE

My first attempt with lines. I don't know what the base is (I think OPI- PINK FRIDAY), but I used Orly Instant Artist- JET BLACK for the lines (they have a range of colors that come in a bottle with a striping brush instead of a regular brush) and Butter London- CHANCER for the heart.

This one was really fun to do. I used a white base, probably Orly-WHITE TIPS, or OPI- ALPINE SNOW and then "sponged" on Orly- LEMONADE and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails- SUN KISSED using saran wrap. I put just a small drop of the color on a piece of paper, and used about a 1 inch by 1 inch piece of saran wrap balled up and dipped in the polish to "sponge" the polish on.

This was my first Gradient attempt. I loved the look of this. I feel so bad I can't remember which polish I used for the tips. I know I used Julep- ANNE for the base. (That's my Ulta Base Coat in my hand)

I loved doing this paint drop manicure. I used OPI- ALPINE SNOW for the base. and then thumb to pinky for the tips: Ulta Salon Formula- CELEBUTANTE, Ulta Salon Formula- LIMELIGHT, Piggy Polish-I PINK DIFFERENTLY THAN OTHERS, China Glaze- FLYIN' HIGH, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails- MELLOW YELLOW. I painted a stripe across the tip, then made some dots with my dotting tool. Then I used my dotting tool to drag some of the larger dots down into the stripe. (There is the amazing Seche Vite in my hand)

 My first tape mani. I used Wet n' Wild Fast Dry- GRAY'S ANATOMY as the base, then I taped it off and used China Glaze- LIQUID LEATHER. And added a few rhinestones to the ring finger.

So that brings us up to date. I did not include the manis I did for my mom and my sister. I will use them for a later post. I really hope everyone liked what I have done so far and I am really hoping to get some followers. So follow me if you like what you see. Thanks a lot!!! :)

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