Friday, June 22, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect

Hello!!!! I have been absolutely DYING to try some new holo polishes. I have seen them everywhere, and I love the look of them. I have been trying to find one on the cheaper end of the price scale, but no luck. So I caved and picked up a bottle of Layla Hologram Effect in 08 FLASH BLACK. This brand runs for about $15 so it was a little heart wrenching as I swiped my debit card. But, I believe now that it was well worth it.

This is how it looks indoors under my dining room light. Looks just like a dark silvery sparkle.

And this is outside, in the shade. You can see it looks a little duller. But..........

 When you get it out into direct sunlight, it becomes this gorgeous holographic polish. You can see all the different colors popping out at every angle. Simply stunning!

So I think I will definitely have to get some more holos as this is absolutely gorgeous.

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