Monday, June 18, 2012

Zoya Pinterest Trio: Beach & Surf Collection

I received some awesome Nail Mail yesterday that I was pretty excited about. I participated in the Zoya Take Three "Contest" on Pinterest, in which the top 3 colors from their Beach & Surf Collection would be made into a mini trio and given to the first 2000 customers. They then posted a code to be used at checkout on their online store. They only had 2000 trios to give away and they sold out in less than 16 hours. Luckily, I was online at 11:56pm Sunday night waiting for the code to go active at 12:01am so I could get mine.

The colors that were pinned the most were Kimber, Zuza and Myrta.

For being minis I was actually quite impressed with the size. Here, I included a photo of the mini Zoya next to a full size Zoya as well as next to a mini OPI compared to a full sized OPI.

I did one color on each of my first three nails, starting with Kimber on my pointer, Zuza on my middle finger and Myrta on my ring finger.

 Kimber is a lovely magenta shimmer, Zuza is a gorgeous beachy turquoise blue shimmer and Myrta is a very pretty coppery-orange shimmer.

 They all went on very smoothly, although Zuza got a little clumpy during the first coat. Zuza and Myrta only needed 2 coats, which is great
 I only used 2 coats on Kimber, but I can still see a little of my nail line through the polish and will probably use 3 coats next time.

I decide I loved Zuza so much I did the rest of my nails in the beautiful blue and I haven't decided if I will replace the 2 other colors yet. :)

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