Friday, July 27, 2012

Candy Shops and Marshmallow Dreams

So, while removing my previous mani, I thought "why do I bother with glitter? It's such a pain in the *bleep* to get off!!" and then I remembered...."Oh yeah, cuz glitter is AWESOME!!" I just wish it was easier to remove...

So today...more glitter.

I swung by my local Claire's today and picked up Candy Shop and Marshmallow Dream.

Candy Shop is a glitter bomb with multi-sized, multi-colored hex glitters in a sheer pink jelly base. Marshmallow Dream is another glitter bomb, beautiful irridescent hex glitters in a clear base.

Candy Shop is a very sheer pink base, so I started with 2 coats of OPI Pink Friday. And on my ring finger Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

I honestly can't believe how great these polishes are. I just love them! And only $5 a piece (But Claire's always has cosmetics buy one get one 50% off, so I only paid $7.50 for both!!)!

Aren't they pretty?
What polishes have you picked up that totally surprised you?


  1. Hi KariAnn. I found your blog on FB from My Indie Glam Addiction posting a link :)
    Great blog!
    If you are looking for a way to remove glitter that is easier, use the tinfoil method :) It gets that glitter off without the hassle! Ms. Lizard has a great how-to page (

  2. I have Candy Shop and love it, but it looks like i'll be going to pick up Marshmallow Dream. :)

  3. Hey! I love this combo, sad I missed Marshmallow Dream haha. I wanted to let you know I tagged your blog for the Liebster award...details are on my page :)


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