Monday, July 2, 2012

Lazy Post

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I've been super busy the last few days and was planning to do something today. Well, about an hour after I woke up my neck started spasming and has become very painful. I can hardly move my head up, down or side to side. So...unfortunately, no new mani today. The good news: I have some pics stashed away of some manis I have done for my friend, sister and mom.The photo quality isn't very good as they were taken on my phone, but I'll let you see what I've done.

I did these for my sister. I call them her "party nails". I started with OPI Tijuana Dance? Then I applied a coat of Seche Vite. After 10 minutes or so--I wanted to make sure it was completely dry-- I taped it off at a diagonal and added a thick layer of OPI Save Me, a gorgeous silver glitter with blue and gold holographic glitter "sticks".

I did these for my mom. I am sorry, I don't remember which colors I used for this pink gradient. And my neck hurts too bad to get up and look at my polishes to figure it out :( But I can tell you that the stripe down the center is not the shine of the polish. My mom wanted a little silver racing strip over her gradient. I think it's cute.

And lastly, I did my friend Nikki's nails for a wedding she was in. I had never done french tips before so I think these turned out pretty nicely! I used Orly Rose-Colored Glasses, a sheer, natural pink that is part of their French Manicure line. I used Kiss french tip "decals" to tape off the nail and then used Orly White Tips (also part of their French Manicure line). The bridesmaids dresses were black so we thought it would be a nice touch to add a little black rhinestone to the ring finger. Nice, huh?

Well, again, I'm sorry I couldn't do anything too spectacular. But I hope you enjoyed what I had to offer. Hopefully I can move my head in the next couple of days and can do something really cool.

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