Monday, July 16, 2012

Sandwich Mani

Today I decided to do a sandwich mani. I love the look of these, but I'm kind of lacking in the correct polishes to do a really good one. So this is what I pulled together... Sorry about my cuticles, i have been a bad blogger and have neglected to use my cuticle cream lately...

I started with 2 coats of Julep Juliette. Its a sheer, almost jelly white. Then I added one coat of NYC Starry Silver Glitter. This is one I have had probably since high school and I have never had to add any thinner or anything to it. It still works great. It has micro silver glitters as well as small blue and pink hex glitters.

Then I added 2 more coats of Juliette and one more coat of Starry Silver Glitter. I have seen some sandwich manis on some other blogs that are much prettier and eye catching, but with what I had to work with, I kind of like it.

Do you notice a difference in my photo quality? That's right, I got my new camera and it's completely amazing! I'm so excited and taking pictures of everything I see :)
on that note, does anyone know how to add a Watermark to photos? I feel like I should be putting them in there somewhere.

Also, I want to let everyone know about the awesome giveaway going on at Glitter Obsession. She is giving away 5 China Glaze products from their new OMG line. So go check her out :)

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